Are you a franchise owner (or small business owner) struggling to attract, engage and retain the best teams of millenials?

Are you prepared for the 2020 talent crisis?

Do you know how your “accidental culture” is negatively impacting your employee turnover?

Find out now:

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Wondering what we do?

  • Interpersonal Systems Engineering

  • Relational Leadership Skills Education

  • Professional Relationship Coaching

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Introductory Deep-Dive

Culture Engineering starts with accurate diagnostics. Diagnose the sources of your problems and the health of your company culture including individuals, interpersonal systems and systemic operations.  


Consulting and Coaching

A mix of culture engineering and executive and relationship coaching. After diagnostics are gathered, design, implement and integrate interpersonal and systemic experiments to address the heart of the problems.

Leadership Training

Immerse yourself and your staff until there's no going back. Accelerate your culture's growth towards a revolutionary diversity welcoming and collaborative culture.   

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Before working with Erin and Angela, I was feeling frustrated watching customers and employees leave, stressed about conflicts within the organization, and alone without peers to help me problem solve. I realized that my ability to create a business where staff is motivated and engaged and therefore able to create inviting and safe environments that customers can’t resist is the crucial ingredient to be able to outperform my competition.
— Sharol P., Safe Splash Franchise Owner
Erin conducted a global, companywide webinar on communication best practices for Navigant Consulting. Erin’s broad range of skills and her firsthand knowledge of the challenges that employees are facing in STEM make her uniquely qualified to promote diversity through communication.”
— -Shannon Dorato, Associate Director, Navigant, San Francisco, Ca
Together you two walked us through the most amazing journey into becoming a more cohesive and thriving team. I am thrilled to practice the communication you showed us.
— Bonnie Slater, Team Lead of Birthing Assistants of Boulder
I have been working with Erin for over a year now. Erin’s ability to connect fully, to show up and listen, offering valuable feedback makes her an amazing coach. She is highly educated, intuitively wise and very kind.
— Nicole Elkind, CEO of STO Responsible
Before we worked with Erin, Ellen and I were stuck in our work relationship and unable to really get a grip on it. After working with Erin, we felt and have continued to feel the power of how this communication work can create clearings. We have felt a sustainable shift in our work relationship and it’s created greater ease and enjoyment for us in our jobs.
— Jack Cuneo, COO and Ellen Kaye, CEO of Kindness Yoga

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