Welcome to the Collaboration Revolution

My name is Erin Keeley. 

I am a relational facilitator, coach, community leader, public speaker, yoga and meditation teacher, mother, partner, and ardent lover of the messy beauty of life.

I transform business cultures with a Relational Leadership training called "Kula" where we...

Improve female employee retention

Dissolve unconscious biases between colleagues

Build community in which conflict prevention is the norm

Boost innovation and productivity

Create magnetic customer service that is authentic


My life mission is to offer solutions to one of our most pressing cultural problems: depression and flatness rooted in a lack of purpose and play, connection to others, and internal agency.

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Coaching Sessions 

 In a welcoming space, I hold warm and fierce space for personal or relational transformation. Coaching (one-on-one, pairs, small groups), meditation and yoga combination packages available.


Practice with Me

My weekly group classes reconstruct traditional yoga, meditation and self-development practices, leaving you inside the power to enhance your life instead of escaping from it.

Events and Courses

Immerse yourself and accelerate your transformation. Experience Meditation Undone, Yoga Undone, Teacher Enrichment, Authentic Relating, and much more. Life is ours to savor...indulge with me.

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Upcoming Events

The Yoga of Desire with Live DJ 

The Yoga of Desire with Live DJ 

Yoga, Authentic Relating and Divine Feminism workshops! 

Yoga, Authentic Relating and Divine Feminism workshops! 


Practice with Me


Yoga Reconstructed

Tuesdays & Thursdays  9am - 10:15am

The Integral Center, Boulder, CO

Yoga Undone  

Wednesdays  6:00pm - 7:15pm 

The Integral Center, Boulder, CO

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Using her multidisciplinary education and experience to inform her teaching, Erin exudes strength, humor, openness, humility and power with equal parts grace and spontaneity. I am fortunate to participate in her classes.
— Julie Emmerman
Upon leaving I felt clear and upbeat and inspired to give myself freedom, not chastise the person I am but be gentle and loving even while I’m not quite there yet.
— Lauren Taylor
Erin has a special way of seeing the underlying basis for your challenges and tailoring solutions to help you quickly and easily.
— Emily Stoltz
Erin creates a container that allows me to experience myself with trust, support, understanding and ease. We flow through sessions with ease.
— Brian Tsuchiya