About Erin Keeley

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Erin Keeley (MS) is a company culture engineer, leadership trainer, and relationship coach. She teaches an efficacious form of relational communication that builds powerful leadership by preventing unconscious bias, inspiring collaboration, welcoming diversity, and igniting innovation. She is also an executive coach who utilizes a form of consulting that believes that business exists for people; innovation and productivity come from people who are welcomed in strategic, healthy company cultures.

Erin believes our world is ready and ripe for a new form of leadership that understands that relationship and productivity go hand in hand.

I offer systemic and individual solutions to one of our most pressing cultural problems: isolation and depression that roots in a lack of understanding how to engage meaningful human connection.

Erin combines her engineering mind with her executive coaching skills with her background as a well-established yoga instructor/philosopher, public figure, women’s coach, science teacher, Authentic Relating Facilitator, business owner, studio director, and mother. 


The Scarlet Consulting Group consists different combinations of Erin Keeley, Angela Grace, and Chris Boustead depending on the project.

Additional Information on Erin 


Erin has a surprising background that not only includes researching climate change in Antarctica for her master’s degree in Engineering, but also includes being a national public figure in the yoga industry, traveling the world as rock-climber, developing and running a gymnastics program for teens and teaching and designing science (STEM) curriculum through experiential (Expeditionary Learning Outward Bound) education. She is an executive coach and an interpersonal (relationship) coach for an awarded online program with Maya Diamond. She has also run her own yoga studio for the Integral Center in Boulder, been a manager for Core Power Yoga, as well as designed and directed programs for boutique and large corporate studios. Eventually her self-development studies turned to relationship development studies and she is now a relationship development (personal and business) expert. Her culture engineering experience has been with companies of all sizes including Navigant Consulting, Safe Splash Swim School franchises, Boulder Birthing Doulas Group, Kindness Yoga and other small start-ups.

Erin has been studying diverse forms of psychotherapy and self development practices since 2002 and is certified as a facilitator/coach in Authentic Relating (Integral Circling), a technique that utilizes awareness itself, allowing oneself to see and be seen, and clean communication to be powerfully healing through relationships. She has studied with Talentism Executive Coaching; a C-suite coaching group out of New York that specializes in “Business for People”. She has also been trained and supervised by marriage and family counselor (award winning dating coach) Maya Diamond. She has studied women's spiritual development and feminine-encoded systemic dynamics with Dr. Douglas Brooks, Sofia Diaz, Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes and Elizabeth Rabia Roberts and through her own research project of interviewing women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) industries. Most recently, she has immersed in relationship and attachment theory, models and techniques, including studying with Esther Perel (author of Mating in Captivity).

Erin is a public figure in the national yoga industry and has taught at several large events including the Hanuman Festival, Sonic Bloom, Arise, Sister Winds, Yoga Rocks the Butte and the Relational Leadership Summit. She is also a public speaker and has spoken at small business professional development gatherings, the Relational Leadership Summit and The University of Colorado. She has written for Elevation Outdoors Magazine, Elephant Journal and Shakti Journal. She founded and directed the yoga program at the Integral Center where she established a community of teachers working together to bring healthy and empowering relational dynamics to the yoga industry. Erin is the author of the Yoga Pod Hatha teacher training and consults on curriculum and pedagogy for other regional teacher trainings. She was featured in the June 2014 Yoga Journal Issue and has filmed video courses for Yoga Journal.