About Me

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Erin Keeley (MS) is a company culture consultant, trainer, and relationship coach who teaches an unconventional form of relational communication that prevents unconscious bias, inspires collaboration, welcomes diversity, and ignites innovation. 

I have an inspiring life story of tenacity that began with studying climate change in Antarctica for my Master’s in Civil Engineering and then took a sudden turn with the passing of my brother in 2002. Instead of going on to complete my PhD, I decided to dedicate my life to human service. Over the years I have immersed myself in a multidisciplinary education that includes the sciences, psychology, relationships, yoga and meditation, anthropology and education. This has brought me full-circle, back to the STEM industry and other male-dominated industries. 

I now offer systemic and individual solutions to one of our most pressing cultural problems: isolation and depression that roots in a lack of understanding how to engage meaningful human connection.

I am also a well-established yoga instructor/philosopher, public figure, women’s coach, science teacher, Authentic Relating Facilitator, business owner, studio director, and mother. 

Additional Information on Erin 


Erin has a surprising background that not only includes researching climate change in Antarctica for her master’s degree in Engineering, but also includes traveling the world as rock-climber, developing and running a gymnastics program for teens and teaching and designing science (STEM) curriculum through experiential (Expeditionary Learning Outward Bound) education. She is public figure in the yoga industry and has run her own yoga program for the Integral Center in Boulder, been a manager for Core Power Yoga, as well as designed and directed programs for boutique and large corporate studios. Eventually her self-development studies turned to relationship development studies and she is now a relationship development (personal and business) expert. 

Erin has been studying diverse forms of psychotherapy and self development practices since 2002. and is certified as a facilitator/coach in Authentic Relating (Integral Circling), a technique that utilizes awareness itself, allowing oneself to see and be seen, and clean communication to be powerfully healing through relationships. She has also studied women's spiritual development and feminine-encoded systemic dynamics with Dr. Douglas Brooks, Sofia Diaz, Christiane Pelmas, Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes and Elizabeth Rabia Roberts and through her own research project of interviewing women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) industries. Most recently, she has immersed in relationship and attachment theory, models and techniques, including studying with Esther Perel (author of Mating in Captivity).


Her yoga lineage is diverse:  Anusara Yoga, Power Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Family/Kids Yoga and more, with respected world-renowned teachers. Most influentially, she studied extensively in India and the states with her mentor Dr. Douglas Brooks, in the Southern Indian temple Shakta/Srividya traditions.


Erin has taught at several large events including the Hanuman Festival, Sonic Bloom, Arise, Sister Winds, Yoga Rocks the Butte and the Relational Leadership Summit. She is also a public speaker and has spoken at small business professional development gatherings, the Relational Leadership Summit and The University of Colorado. She has written for Elevation Outdoors Magazine, Elephant Journal and Shakti Journal. She founded and directed the yoga program at the Integral Center where she established a community of teachers working together to bring healthy and empowering relational dynamics to the yoga industry. Erin has been implementing, teaching and directing yoga teacher trainings since 2007, is the author of the Yoga Pod Hatha teacher training and consults on curriculum and pedagogy for other regional teacher trainings. She was featured in the June 2014 Yoga Journal Issue and has filmed video courses for Yoga Journal.  


A personal note for my clients

Welcome to a Collaboration Revolution, where being powerful, ecstatically alive and intimately connected to others, is how I personally strive to live my life. I am a curiosity devotee and I love transformation. I am a lover of life and hope that my way of being is contagious. I expect nothing less for myself than the right to feel vividly awake, without facade, in every moment of every day. And this way of being is what fuels me to be here, ready to serve you on your own journey towards engaging with the life that you yearn for too.

You could say I've been a sucker for the hard road; for the paths that create the most profound kind of growth. From choosing the most challenging sports and the edgiest adventures to signing up for the most impossible careers and profound relationships, I have always gravitated towards the situations where I learn the most. But I’ve also been delivered circumstances that I did not expect; suicide, financial loss, divorce, near death experiences, challenging parenting, chronic pain, career upheaval and profound uncertainty. My life has been intense and, honestly, much of it has brought me to my knees. I've had my heart shut down and I've had my heart cracked back open. I've known the nightmare of enmeshed and abusive relationship and I've discovered the freedom that came with embodying my own sovereignty along with my devotion to inter-dependency and intimacy.  

Through this journey, I found tools and generous people that helped me discover the power that comes through self-agency, savoring human-ness in all its mess, and allowing relationships to be my greatest teachers. This framework allows all the so-called imperfections of life to be expressed as the ground of my greatest strengths, rather than things that need to be swept under the rug of personal development. And allowing relationship to be my path has accelerated my growth, cutting right to the chase, without the need for complicated self-development practices that sometimes take decades to work, or worse, never work. 

I've been told that my greatest gifts are my generosity and my welcomeness. Three of my greatest loves in life are understanding why things work, guiding people to trust themselves, and connecting to others through understanding, love and support. In my work, I relate to others through the power of the Divine Feminine by providing a fierce container of acceptance while holding them to their truths. I will not tell you who or how to be. Instead, I will guide you into your own power to receive your largest, possibly most unexpected, self.

I feel most alive when I’m teaching and serving. Nothing else fuels me like showing up for others to hold space for their own transformation. My highest desire is to help you claim the right to be ecstatically alive, in all the places you touch the world.

And I offer this gift and wisdom to you not as a guru, but as a guide.