Private Programs 

I help ambitious, independent, sensitive women who are struggling with connecting and communicating in their major relationships and instead want to feel supported in relationships that cultivate joy, intimacy and ease.

The work we will do together is beyond therapy. It creates powerful and rapid transformation, regardless of how many obstacles you feel you have.


Let’s be honest: most people wait until the last few days of their life before they finally ask “Did I do all that I came to do? Did I savor every moment? Did I love enough? Were my innermost yearnings satisfied? Did I connect enough with the people that matter?” 

It often takes a slap in the face to ask the hard questions; the ones that really matter. And then, once we start asking the questions, it takes an immense amount of courage and support to be able to listen to our inner call and make changes in our life. The inner call is confusing, often terrifying and usually doesn't make much common sense. Answers don't come easily and no one can tell us what to do. Everything is uncertain. At first, we often think that something is "wrong" with us.

Being in a transitional time of life is unnerving. And yet, here you are sitting on the chance of a lifetime.

I have known this space well. During my first life-upheaval, I wished that there was someone who could guide me through the process and reassure me that I was "ok". I wanted someone who had tools to help me excavate the gold that my soul was begging me to bring forth. I wanted someone who could be with me through my process so that I would not waste time slipping backwards into a life of "shoulds" that I'd outgrown. One of my yearnings was to have a profound and satisfying relationship with a primary partner in this lifetime and I wanted someone to show me how to get there. Finally, I wanted someone who I trusted enough to show me my own blind-spots that were preventing me from doing what I needed to so. At the time, I did not yet understand that it was a transformational relationship that I was craving and needing in order to get what I was yearning for. And to learn relationship, I had to get into relationship; eventually with mentors, teachers, therapists and coaches that understood "relationship as path".   

In my experience, if we want to evolve in a bad-ass kind of way in this life-time, it's not just "loving ourselves" that will do the trick. In reality, it takes revolutionary relationship skills and real, live people in order to do the hard, but rewarding, work. We call this "relationship as a spiritual path". As your guide, I will be in relationship with you AND I will teach you how to cultivate other profound relationships that will help you continue to grow. 

When we work (and play) together, you’ll learn to feel the aliveness of your life, through knowing your dignity and humility, vulnerability and power. I welcome you to a space where you're free to claim your soul's yearnings, largeness, vibrancy, ecstasy, sensuality, intimacy, beauty, and creativity. 

Sessions will incorporate a non-pushy form of intuitive coaching, mythological perspectives to help you digest your experience, guidance into your body's wisdom, and powerful re-wiring tools to use in every-day settings outside the session. Yoga and meditation instruction are also available in order to map the new patterns into your body, mind and heart. All sessions incorporate Somatic Experiencing and Gestalt Therapy techniques along with Integral Authentic Relating/Circling and Non-violent communication. My philosophy is rooted in the 20 years of self-development I've gained through several major life-upheavals that brought me to an in-depth immersion in yoga and hindu goddess tantra from deep South India. I am not here to "fix" you. I am here to hold space in the dark for you to radically welcome who you are. 

Unsilence your soul. Incubate. Activate. Live how you’ve always wanted to live.


  • A clear vision of the patterns and blind-spots that are holding you back 
  • Floodlight your life purpose
  • Gain depth of emotion and self-expression
  • Cultivate more intimate relationships
  • Re-wiring tools from the techniques used in puja rituals. (These rituals have been researched and shown to be the most potent way of transforming your life because one ritual utilizes body, mind, emotion, collective psychology, community support, and top/bottom/left/right brain.) 
  • Tools to access to "flow-states" that make your full potential possible to actualize in your every-day life
  • An exposure to your larger sense of self that makes it easy to rewire your life because “it will be doing you” instead of you trying (and failing) to “do it”
  • Profound shifts after just a few sessions.
  • Feeling more empowered, more alive, more colorful, more vulnerable and trusting, and courageous. You’ll have a sense that things are easier and more intimate. 
  • Access to full spectrum of what it means to be a very alive, flawed human being with an enormous capacity to love life in all its flavors and actualize potential in career, family, health, vocation, and intimacy. 

You’ll claim your larger, more alive self and uncover the fire that lights your life.