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Into the Red Zone: Creating Cultures of "I feel understood"

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Into the Red Zone: Creating Cultures of "I Feel Understood" 
Savvy Skill-Craft for Creating Modern, Sustainable Business Culture
-with Erin Keeley and Angela Grace
Th. September 13th, 9-10:15 am


Men and Women Welcome 

Online (Zoom) 

Are you a caring and passionate professional who feels frustrated and stumped when it comes to being a leader who knows how to create modern business culture that empowers and motivates individuals? Did you know that creating inter-dependent culture will reduce chaos and conflict and increase employee retention and long-term success of the business? 

In this Workshop series you'll learn skills that...

  • Prevent you from unconsciously sabotaging your relationships
  • Use authentic and effective communication to ask for what you want with ease
  • Face conflict and create rapport in tough situations
  • See the ways you may be misreading other women and losing potential allies

In the next few years, American businesses will be facing a talent crisis and businesses are already feeling the conflict and employee retention frustration. Millenials can fill this talent gap, however, the generational differences will create a major obstacle unless business owners and leaders learn to create cultures that empower the millenials while honoring goals and boundaries. A new business culture model is badly needed. This new culture, though it comes from honoring the fact that business exists for people (people do not exist for business) will need new skills to be successful. These new skills include authentic and respectful communication, new systems, relational leadership training, personality niche training and emotional intelligence education. 

Unless we put time into learning the savvy skills that make it possible to harness our talents, we may find that we are getting in our own way. So, let’s learn how to bring more of our superpowers into play! 

Workshop series includes Erin and Angela's top 5 relational leadership skills, Authentic Relating communication tools, group and partner communication games, and laughter!

This particular workshop is number 2 of 5 and the theme is: Creating Cultures of "I feel Understood". Connection = Authenticity + Compassion. We will deliver an overview Authentic Relating for Work 101. 

Angela and Erin are an all women team of business leadership coaches/trainers who have backgrounds in engineering and yoga. They specialize in bringing interpersonal skills, ingenuitive systems and awareness itself to small businesses that are motivated to create modern, co-creative culture... beyond “just business.”