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Dharma Deep-Dive: Solstice Special Offering

Want some heart-centered yet scientific and professional help getting your vision straight for 2019?

Are you a spiritual professional who is tired of business guidance that is

  • Too analytical?

  • Too woo-woo?

  • Too cookie cutter?

  • Too biased?

    How about some professional, no B.S. support from someone who has the experience to see what you can’t about yourself?

Offer is available through 1/15/19 and expires on 8/1/19

Offer is available through 1/15/19 and expires on 8/1/19

Your “Dharma” is quite literally the “durable”, practical, real-life purpose that you are meant to serve on this planet in this lifetime. Astrology and personality testing is not enough to understand your dharma because in truth, it’s much more complicated, grounded and individualistic than any label can provide.

After this Deep-Dive you will…

  • Know your Talent Diagnostics inside and out so you are clear on where your potential lies.

  • Get clear on what tasks or roles in your work are a perfect fit for you and which aren’t.

  • Find out what kind of people you should partner with in order to increase efficacy of your business.

  • Find out if your business vision is too woo-woo… or has left your soul in the dust!

  • Open up to possibilities for your business that are a fit for your talent-type that you might have been over-looking.

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