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The Third Wave Woman: A Relational Practice

  • Jessa's house Denver, Co (map)
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This month at The Third Wave Woman: Does the word "Cherish" trigger you? Did you know that feeling worthy of cherishment, regardless of your flaws, is a NEED in healthy relationships? I have a desire to come together and get really real: to share stories on how our inner voices that tell us we aren't worth cherishing have sabotaged our relationships at home and at work. Culture messaging makes it harder for us to move through this; we literally have to rebel against the grain. Doing it in a group is WAY easier than trying to rewire our inner voices by ourselves. 

The Third Wave Woman is a women's relational practice, much like a yoga practice except that we use conversation to deeply connect and grow. We will practice Authentic Relating together, as well as learn about how to do secure relationship. I also want women to network with each other!!

Exact Denver location TBA
$12 suggested donation (cash, check or PayPal is fine)

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A little background: The third wave of the feminist movement is about embracing our feminine superpower of relationality. Our mothers strived for radical solidarity, but ended up blending in with the masculine instead of establishing individuation through our own innate gifts. In addition, the third wound of a woman's life in South Indian Goddess lineages is when a woman learns how to "count herself" in order to re-enter into intimacy. Join me in the third wave... 

Do you have a secret desire for relationships to feel like “icing on the cake” rather than mundane or maybe even a struggle? Have you sullenly figured out it’s easier to be alone or emotionally disconnected from your partner (or co-workers) but have a feeling there’s something you gave up on?

Do you feel stuck because you aren't sure how to be emotionally honest in committed relationships without sabotaging them? Do you get angry or frustrated that you can’t seem to "be yourself" or "love yourself" and be in relationship at the same time? 

Here, we will learn and practice authentic relating communication tools, a relational-oriented meditation (from a household goddess lineage of south india), and sometimes some movement in order to re-wire outselves to be able to connect deeply with others without "losing ourselvs". You'll gain a larger sense of who you are through others and feel fed in a way that we cannot accoplish on our own. You'll also learn how this practice will stop the pattern of feeling like you are pulling all the weight in your relationships and instead create a sense of ease without having to disconnect from others.

$12 suggested donation. Cash, Check or PayPal is fine. 

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