Culture Engineering  

Is your company suffering from cultural depression?

Your company might have cultural depression if:

  1. Your Net Promoter Scores are low

  2. Turnover is above industry healthy standards

  3. Disengagement is high and apathy is the norm

  4. Sick day numbers are high

  5. Millennials and/or women don’t want to work for you

  6. Large numbers of employees have anxiety, depression or adrenal fatigue (emotional labour is high)

  7. People are terrified of making mistakes or asking for their needs to be met

  8. People don’t feel like they can keep up (but leadership thinks they are lazy)

  9. Employees feel “lost in the crowd” as the company grows

  10. People don’t smile or take care of each other at work

  11. Most people are just planning for their next job

  12. Employees can’t imagine having long-term, alluring goals within the current context

  13. You have “accidental culture”; you never engineered a purposeful culture of norms and organization systems tailored to your industry and business size.

Did you know that culture is the foundation of all the rest of your business and that turnover consequences can run up to 200% of annual salaries?

Maybe you have already heard that soft-skills make all the difference in company success and longevity: But are you taking action for your team?

Cultural Depression is a systemic problem. And it’s a leadership problem. But the good news is: there’s a cure! Your level of relational intelligence, including skill and systems wisdom, as a leader in your company, is the answer to relieving cultural depression. Culture starts with the people at the top.

“Soft skills” in this new age means relationship skills and systems. You as the leader need to be able to create a strong feel of psychological agency and family for your employees.

What makes a good leader is one’s ability to understand and relate to others through vulnerability and strong vision. Old leadership styles do not work anymore.

Here are some science-based articles that explain the importance of engineering your purposeful culture and how to do it:

How Culture Affects Depression

If you want to attract, engage, and retain talent to…

  • Boost ROI

  • Reduce Turnover Cost

  • Stop Disengagement

  • Inspire Productivity

  • Build Powerful Teams

  • Cultivate Innovation

  • Reduce Owner Stress

  • Become a Culture that Millennials and Women Love


Our work is especially loved by the Millennial generation! They want authentic connection. They want to be seen, understood and included. They want to feel the power and efficiency of a no B.S. team that knows how to collaborate. They are motivated by psychological agency.


We offer interpersonal systems diagnostics, culture engineering, and relational leadership skills education to engineer your culture into the modern era.

The Work

Option 1: Deep Dive


Culture Engineering starts with accurate diagnostics. “Problems” are when expectations and reality do not meet. Here we will diagnose the sources of your problems and the health of your company culture including individuals, interpersonal systems and systemic operations. Includes intricate personality/talent assessments and gathering data around employee and customer satisfaction, interpersonal systems efficacy, general systems efficacy, and intricate goal setting for all leadership. Diagnostics inform how we decide to take action to address the heart of “problems”.  

Option 2: Consulting and Coaching for Culture Engineering

Erin DSC04332.jpg

Culture and Systems Consulting. Ongoing support with diagnostic deep-dive, experimental design, coaching sessions for integration and data analysis. A mix of culture engineering (systems) and interpersonal coaching.

Option 3: Interpersonal Leadership Training

Immerse yourself and your staff until there's no going back. Accelerate your culture's growth towards a revolutionary diversity welcoming and collaborative culture.  

Leadership will understand how a unique style of communication can promote a culture that welcomes diversity and collaboration by preventing unconscious biases and unresolvable conflict. Together we will explore misconceptions around diversity, practice some self-expression and effective listening skills, and learn some simple communication tools for immediate use." 

Customized for each company’s needs and desires.


More Details About What You and Your Team Will Learn

  • Understand how employee retention, satisfaction, and production are bolstered in relationship-oriented communication environments.

  • Understand how to set up people systems that are conducive to welcoming healthy relationships and motivation of individuals.

  • Understand and experience how communication style promotes a culture that welcomes diversity by preventing unconscious bias and unresolvable conflict.

  • Managers are the main source of employee dissatisfaction and turnover: Train your managers to become experts at understanding, teaching, and motivating employees.

  • Promote and utilize safe, innovative and collaborative styles of behavior.

  • Cultivate super-effective listening skills that prevent misunderstanding.

  • Begin to uncover personal blind-spots around culture structures, diversity and communication.

  • Explore how "equality" is very different from "uniformity".

  • Experience how changing one's communication also shifts one's thinking patterns.

  • Learn self-expression skills that foster healthy conflict resolution.

The Results

  • Together we will learn how to create a diversity welcoming culture that doesn’t just preach “right action”, but actually addresses the heart of the issue by teaching people how to see and understand each other without losing their own perspectives. You’ll be able to keep and attract talented people because they will want to work with you. 

  • Learn powerful, new communication techniques and create cultural agreements in order to face conflict while empowering relationships, instead of undermining them. With these techniques, you will not need to rely on HR as your protection, but instead will be equipped to prevent conflict as well as understand how to use conflict as a major opportunity for growth and improvement. Everyone will feel more understood, not less.

  • Rewarding relationships at work keep people coming back to their team for the long-term when times get tough. Understand how to create trust and safety and to welcome honesty in order to find out what is behind your employee dissatisfaction. Then learn team-building tools in order to create a strongly bonded and long-term, productive culture.

  • Maybe you've heard the statistics that start-up companies with women in higher-up leadership roles tend to be more successful for longer than other companies. Find-out the real reasons why women aren’t rising beyond the glass ceiling, beyond just the usual theories around family and time-commitment. Learn how to reverse this dynamic by creating a system that welcomes feminine leadership and therefore cultivates more female leaders to inspire others.

  • Maybe you already know that genuine buy-in and motivation towards company goals and vision is essential for progress.  Learn communication tools to enroll your team into your vision while also welcoming what drives them individually.

  • Welcoming emotion at work is important for employee mental health, retention, and happiness. Together we will learn self expression and effective listening skills that promote emotional intelligence and dissolve unconscious bias while still keeping and environment of rationality and productivity.

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