Modernizing Company Culture for Talent Retention and Conflict Prevention  

Are you a modern, value-oriented leader who wants to learn revolutionary team-building and communication skills in order to rise above outdated leadership styles that tend to repel much needed women, millennials and other talent?

Are you tired of band-aid, "PC police" techniques for handling conflict and instead are interested in creating work-place culture that inspires relational values that prevent conflict and diversity tension?

Or... are you a woman who is ambitious about your career but considering leaving because you wonder how you'll ever get ahead of the game without having to give up your true nature? Are you searching for support so that you can face conflict, feel connected to others, and become inspired again? 


Here’s the hard truth: By the year 2020 we are expected to be in a talent crisis. I get it, at a personal level. My brother and I are the products of American corporate STEM culture. We were both talented engineers, scientists and leaders who did not ever get a chance to contribute to the industry. My brother was a natural engineering genius who thrived off of cognitive ecstasy. And I was a value-oriented ambitious young woman who wanted to use science to improve the world. And yet, In 2002, I ended up leaving my career behind and my brother, tragically, took his own life.

I have spent the years since searching for answers. What really happened? I suspected that the current popular theories and statistics were missing the underlying reasons for the gender-gap and talent crisis. 

After my brother passed away, I got a huge wake-up call. Immersed in a culture that didn't know how to welcome emotional expression, I felt I couldn’t grieve and I realized that I'd felt isolated for a very long time. It became crystal clear that it was my relationships that mattered more than anything to me. Ultimately, even though I was good at my work and loved it, I chose not to stay in a culture that didn't understand how to value human connection just as much as productivity... and I realized that my brother had been suffering from a similar pattern all along.  

Most popular solutions appear to address conflict and diversity in the work-place and yet I have found that they end-up being band-aids that sometimes create more disconnection than connection between people and groups. These techniques are out-dated. 

In organizations, I teach unconventional, modern skills and habits that up-level emotional and relational intelligence and therefore transform cultures into ones that attract and retain talent. 


Together, we learn the SKILLS of the future... 

  • Profound self-awareness, empowerment and accountability  

  • Other-awareness and deep listening

  • Emotional honesty

  • Efficacious communication

  • Team-centered productivity

...that bring us to THE RESULTS.

  • Attract and retain talent

  • Dissolve diversity tensions

  • Prevent conflict and unconscious bias

  • Cultivate innovation

  • Build powerful teams



As an engineer turned relational coach, it feels incredibly satisfying to be able to step up and help you, my original community. 

I now offer workshops, webinars, one-on-one consulting and deep-dives for leaders and their staff. 


The Work

Option 1: Webinar or Live Introductory Workshop:

Erin DSC04332.jpg

Get a taste of "The Work". 60 - 90 minutes. Brown-bag webinar available. 

Description:"A short, interactive webinar to get a taste of how a unique style of communication can promote a culture that welcomes diversity and collaboration by preventing unconscious biases and unresolvable conflict. Together we will explore misconceptions around diversity, practice some self-expression and effective listening skills, and learn some simple communication tools for immediate use."  

Option 2: One-on-one support for leadership

  1. 8 weeks of 6 one-hour consulting sessions for you or your team
  2. Introductory webinar or workshop included
  3. Email follow-ups with integration assignments

Option 3: Group Deep-Dive 

  1. 2 day deep-dive for staff and you
  2. 8 weeks of 6 one-hour consulting sessions for you to better lead your team in integration 
  3. Introductory webinar or workshop included
  4. Email follow-ups with integration assignments

More Details About What You and Your Team Will Learn

  • Understand and experience how communication style promotes a culture that welcomes diversity by preventing unconscious bias and unresolvable conflict.
  • Promote and utilize safety, understanding, innovation and collaboration styles of behavior.
  • Cultivate super-effective listening skills that prevent misunderstanding.
  • Begin to uncover personal blind-spots around diversity and communication.
  • Explore how "equality" is very different from "uniformity".
  • Experience how changing one's communication also shifts one's thinking patterns.
  • Create cultural agreements that foster diversity.
  • Learn self-expression skills that foster healthy conflict resolution.
  • Come away with modern and solid communication tools for immediate use.
  • Understand how employee retention, satisfaction, and production are bolstered in relationship-oriented communication environments.

The Results

  • Together we will learn how to create a diversity welcoming culture that doesn’t just preach “right action”, but actually addresses the heart of the issue by teaching people how to see and understand each other without losing their own perspectives. You’ll be able to keep and attract talented people because they will want to work with you. 

  • Learn powerful, new communication techniques and create cultural agreements in order to face conflict while empowering relationships, instead of undermining them. With these techniques, you will not need to rely on HR as your protection, but instead will be equipped to prevent conflict as well as understand how to use conflict as a major opportunity for growth and improvement. Everyone will feel more understood, not less.

  • Rewarding relationships at work keep people coming back to their team for the long-term when times get tough. Understand how to create trust and safety and to welcome honesty in order to find out what is behind your employee dissatisfaction. Then learn team-building tools in order to create a strongly bonded and long-term, productive culture.

  • Maybe you've heard the statistics that start-up companies with women in higher-up leadership roles tend to be more successful for longer than other companies. Find-out the real reasons why women aren’t rising beyond the glass ceiling, beyond just the usual theories around family and time-commitment. Learn how to reverse this dynamic by creating a system that welcomes feminine leadership and therefore cultivates more female leaders to inspire others.

  • Maybe you already know that genuine buy-in and motivation towards company goals and vision is essential for progress.  Learn communication tools to enroll your team into your vision while also welcoming what drives them individually.

  • Welcoming emotion at work is important for employee mental health, retention, and happiness. Together we will learn self expression and effective listening skills that promote emotional intelligence and dissolve unconscious bias while still keeping and environment of rationality and productivity.

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Thank you Erin and Booster Blake. I had expectations and visions and I believed in your work but, WOW! Everything you brought to us was like a choreographed workshop. Together you two walked us through the most amazing journey into becoming a more cohesive and thriving team. I am thrilled to practice the communication you showed us. Thank you for your time, patience, and wisdom.
— Bonnie Slater, Birthing Assistants of Boulder