Dharma Deep Dive


Dharma Deep Dive

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Are you a spiritual professional who is tired of business guidance that is…

  • Too analytical?

  • Too woo-woo?

  • Too cookie cutter?

  • Too biased?

Do you know your Talent Diagnostics inside and out? Don't waste money on dead-end or bad-fit business development in 2019!

Instead, how about some professional, no B.S. support...

In This Deep Dive Executive Coaching Session you will…

  • Know your Talent Diagnostics inside and out so you are clear on where your potential lies.

  • Get clear on what tasks or roles in your work are a perfect fit for you and which aren’t.

  • Find out what kind of people you should partner with in order to increase efficacy of your business.

  • Find out if your business vision is too woo-woo… or has left your soul in the dust!

  • Open up to possibilities for your business that are a fit for your talent-type that you might have been over-looking.

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No refunds. May be applied towards a personal or business consulting program.