You no longer need to keep stumbling in the dark searching for a revolutionary style of relationship that fosters both stability and allure... 

Are you an ambitious and sensitive woman who treasures her solidarity but also wants to learn to be emotionally honest in committed relationships at home and at work?

Are you exhausted with yearning to be understood and seen for who you are?

Do you feel like you’re pulling the weight in your relationships?

Do you have a secret desire for relationships to feel like “icing on the cake” rather than mundane?

Have you sullenly figured out it’s easier to be alone or emotionally disconnected from your partner (and others) but have a feeling there’s something you gave up on?

Do you get frustrated that you can’t seem to "be yourself" or "love yourself" and also be in relationships without sabotaging them?

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Coming soon: Join us for a taste of what it feels like to be an empowered AND relational woman in my monthly gathering.

Meet Erin and feel into how The Work will change you.


Let’s be honest: most people wait until the last few days of their life before they finally ask “Did I do all that I came to do? Did I savor every moment? Did I connect enough with the people that matter to me most?” 

It often takes a slap in the face to ask the hard questions; the ones that really matter. And then, once we start asking the questions, it takes an immense amount of courage to be able to listen to our inner call and ask for the support necessary in order to make changes in our life that often go against the grain and force us to face our worst fears.

I have known this space well, but until recently, I did not have access to people who could guide me to safety and blind-spot integration while I was down the rabbit hole of transformation.

After my first big upheaval, it took me 15 long, painful years to finally find the answers I was looking for!

That first life-upheaval was a doozy. I’ve always been a bit of a romantic and believed in love and partnership, but my worst wounds in life (ironically... or maybe not) have all been relational ones. In 2002, my brother, whom I considered to be my life-long ally, took his own life. I’d been his confidante, he'd been my protector, and the loss was devastating. 9 months later I went to Antarctica to finish research for my Master's program and I ended up losing my primary relationship while I was gone.

I came back from the Ice with no partner, no job, no money, no home and I no longer wanted to live my life the way I’d been living it.I was, in short, very lost and very confused.

But I also clearly had been broken open: I suddenly understood that what made my life worth living was the human connections; the relationships in my life.

From that moment on, I jumped off a cliff of personal development that lead me towards what I’d always craved: service to humanity in order to ignite authentic and nourishing long-lasting human connections.  

Then, after 10 years of individual work, I got to experience the shock of motherhood. It became obvious that something major was missing: I viscerally began to understand that personal development is useless without the practical support of others. I had been trying to grow all on my own and now I needed, yes, I needed a tribe. Was it ok to need others? I had the uncanny feeling that there were aspects to myself that I could not see by myself. And I found it disgusting that I was supposed to "love myself" when what I actually needed was real-live solid and inspiring relationships. 

It turns out that it takes a human connection to heal human-caused wounds. 

"Self development" had turned into just another form of individual achievement and although it taught me many skills necessary for relating, it had sadly also pulled me away from connecting. 

We already live in a world where achievement and productivity are more important than human connections. Why would I want more of that?

When I finally made the jump from self-development to relationship development and I began to uncover teachings and tools that got me where I'd always wanted to be. 

I’ve now become the guide that I wished I’d had 15 years ago.

The Work

Research and eastern goddess mythology shows that women figure out who they are while in the context of others, not just by themselves!

Plus… there’s really nothing better than an ecstatic connection to share and savor life with.


If we try to do it on our own, transformation takes a LONG time and often leads us in circles. But if we do it together… in a hall of mirrors... where the group is the guru... transformation is powerful, fast and no B.S.

To learn relationship, I had to get into relationship.

As your guide, I will be in relationship with you AND I will teach you how to cultivate other profound relationships that will help you continue to grow. 

This requires a willingness to understand:

  • How we as humans perceive each other
  • How to regulate and soothe yourself
  • How to communicate and express yourself
  • How to see beauty in flaws
  • How to be your bad-ass self and also be with another at the very same time
  • How to create a we-space


I am here to gently, but fiercely!, guide you by connecting with you. 
I help you see your blind-spots and teach you new ways of being in relationship to yourself and others all in service of holding you to your greatest desires.

Start Today

Option 1: Monthly Group Relational Practice (currently unavailable)

"The Third Wave Woman"

A monthly women's relational practice group. We live in a society that values productivity and achievement over relationships. Learn skills in order to re-wire our culture utilizing our feminine relational super-powers. Face your own blind-spots while the group leads the way. 

Get a taste of what the collaboration revolution is like.

  • Rewire old belief patterns around what relationship is supposed to be like

  • Turn frustration into ecstatic fun

  • Feel what a healthy “we” space is like without losing yourself

  • Cultivate vulnerability as a strength

  • Learn to consistently see the beauty in others

  • Skillfully speak your truth without destroying connection

One-on-One Sessions incorporate a non-pushy form of intuitive coaching that helps you to see yourself, learning powerful and modern "relational communication" skills, embodying mythological perspectives to help you digest your experience, guidance into your body's wisdom (your essence), and powerful mental re-wiring tools to use in every-day settings once the sessions are done. Yoga and meditation instruction are also available in order to map the new patterns into your body, mind and heart. All sessions incorporate Somatic Experiencing and Gestalt Therapy techniques along with Integral Authentic Relating/Circling, Non-violent communication and Modern Attachment work.

Option 2: One-on-one support 

  1. 3 month personal program

  2. Every other week consulting sessions for you

  3. Strategic integration assignments included via email (including reading assignments)

  4. Walkie-talkie check-ins on Voxer in between sessions

  5. To start: schedule free consultation call


Option 3: Group Deep-Dive 

  1. 2 day deep-dive or retreat for you and a group

  2. 3 month integration coaching program

  3. All of Option 2 is included

  4. Schedule a consultation call to discuss the possibilities!



Get a clear vision of the patterns and blind-spots that are holding you back


  • Gain depth of emotion and self-expression through bad-ass communication tools
  • Attract more satisfying relationships or up-grade the ones you're in
  • Learn re-wiring tools from the techniques used in puja rituals. (These rituals have been researched and shown to be the most potent way of transforming your life because one ritual utilizes body, mind, emotion, collective psychology, community support, and top/bottom/left/right brain.) 
  • Gain easy-access exposure to your larger sense of self, called "essence" that makes it easy to rewire your life because you'll learn to "lead from essence", especially in relationships, instead of leading from your smaller parts. Access your higher desires. 
  • Feel profound shifts after just a few sessions.
  • Feel more alive, more colorful, more vulnerable and trusting, and courageous. You’ll have a sense that things are easier and also more intriguing.  
  • Gain access to full spectrum of what it means to be a very alive, flawed human being with an enormous capacity to love life in all its flavors and actualize potential in career, family, health, vocation, and partnership. 

When we work (and play) together, you’ll learn to feel the aliveness of your life, through knowing your dignity and humility, vulnerability and power. 

And you’ll learn how to gently guide others that you engage with into healthy relationships with you. 

Upcoming Events

A personal note for my clients

Welcome to a Collaboration Revolution, where being powerful, ecstatically alive and intimately connected to others, is how I personally strive to live my life. I am a curiosity devotee and I love transformation. I am a lover of life and hope that my way of being is contagious. I expect nothing less for myself than the right to feel vividly awake, without facade, in every moment of every day. And this way of being is what fuels me to be here, ready to serve you on your own journey towards engaging with the life that you yearn for too.

You could say I've been a sucker for the hard road; for the paths that create the most profound kind of growth. From choosing the most challenging sports and the edgiest adventures to signing up for the most impossible careers and profound relationships, I have always gravitated towards the situations where I learn the most. But I’ve also been delivered circumstances that I did not expect; suicide, financial loss, divorce, near death experiences, challenging parenting, chronic pain, career upheaval and profound uncertainty. My life has been intense and, honestly, much of it has brought me to my knees. I've had my heart shut down and I've had my heart cracked back open. I've known the nightmare of enmeshed and abusive relationship and I've discovered the freedom that came with embodying my own sovereignty along with my devotion to inter-dependency and intimacy.  

Through this journey, I found tools and generous people that helped me discover the power that comes through self-agency, savoring human-ness in all its mess, and allowing relationships to be my greatest teachers. This framework allows all the so-called imperfections of life to be expressed as the ground of my greatest strengths, rather than things that need to be swept under the rug of personal development. And allowing relationship to be my path has accelerated my growth, cutting right to the chase, without the need for complicated self-development practices that sometimes take decades to work, or worse, never work. 

I've been told that my greatest gifts are my generosity and my welcomeness. Three of my greatest loves in life are understanding why things work, guiding people to trust themselves, and connecting to others through understanding, love and support. In my work, I relate to others through the power of the Divine Feminine by providing a fierce container of acceptance while holding them to their truths. I will not tell you who or how to be. Instead, I will guide you into your own power to receive your largest, possibly most unexpected, self.

I feel most alive when I’m teaching and serving. Nothing else fuels me like showing up for others to hold space for their own transformation. My highest desire is to help you claim the right to be ecstatically alive, in all the places you touch the world.

And I offer this gift and wisdom to you not as a guru, but as a guide.