Although I own a successful franchise business with multiple locations, before working with Erin and Angela, I was feeling frustrated watching customers and employees leave, stressed about conflicts within the organization and with customers, and alone without peers to help me problem solve. As I’ve watched business competition grow, I realized that my ability to create a business where staff is motivated and engaged and therefore able to create inviting and safe environments that customers can’t resist is the crucial ingredient to be able to outperform my competition.

I had been researching many leadership programs and consultants and chose Erin and Angela because they could create a custom program for my business, had experience working with organizations with instructors, and they clearly understood both our system’s problems and interpersonal issues. Their way of engaging with people and understanding people resonated with me.

As a result of working with Erin and Angela, most of our staffing issues were improved with one pivot they recommended regarding our interpersonal systems. As a result of the work they did with our management and employees, our staff became less stressed, let go of defense strategies, and became more engaged. I started to feel less stressed, more empowered in my relationships, and most importantly, I realized I didn’t have to ‘go it alone.’

~ Sharol P.
Safe Splash Franchise Owner

"Erin conducted a global, companywide webinar on communication best practices for Navigant. The webinar focused on communication to help foster a culture of diversity. She taught us skills to learn how to remove unconscious bias from our communication style. This incites increased productivity and ingenuity by creating bonded, highly functioning, and emotionally intelligent teams. She teaches to promote a form of company culture that values relationships as being equal to productivity and I see this as being essential for an organization to be able to maintain longevity as well as retain diverse, gifted employees. Erin’s broad range of skills and her firsthand knowledge of the challenges that employees are facing in STEM make her uniquely qualified to promote diversity through communication."

-Shannon Dorato, Associate Director, Navigant, San Francisco, Ca

Before we worked with Erin, Ellen and I were stuck in our work relationship for a few weeks and unable to really get a grip on it. After working with Erin, we felt and have continued to feel the power of how this communication work can create clearings. We felt that grip loosen in a way that, to me, has felt like a sustainable shift in our work relationship and it’s created greater ease and enjoyment for us.
— Jack Cuneo, COO and Ellen Kaye, CEO of Kindness Yoga
As the team leader of Boulder Birthing Assistants of Boulder, Erin assisted me with a team leadership training for our 7 doulas. The complexities of leading a group of busy, independently operating, service-oriented women to come together as a team in order to promote and up-level our organization is no small feat! Erin saw areas of our business culture in ways that no one else could and she used that perception to prepare me as the leader to help our team reorganize our systems. The training included helping us to solidify our leadership model while also teaching communication and conflict resolution skills for our team to feel bonded by the end of the training. We came out with a solid plan for how to move forward with our organizational restructuring and further team bonding. Her ability to facilitate team development and work vertically within the organization created a new standard for teamwork and we’re still reaping the rewards after she’s gone. She walked us through the most amazing journey into becoming a more cohesive and thriving team.
— Bonnie Slater, Team Lead of Birthing Assistants of Boulder, Co

“As the Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Integral Center in Boulder, I’ve been working with Erin since she joined us in 2014 eventually becoming the Director/Manager of the Integral Center Yoga program. She created and managed our program of 14 diverse yoga teachers and developed a unique organizational model that included continuous leadership development for all staff. Teachers learned Authentic Relating skills in order to bond as a team, resolve conflict, up-level teaching and entrepreneurial skills, and work on all areas of their own personal development. Erin’s ability to see into the dynamics of an organization and effectively communicate what is needed to move to the next level is a rare skill. More than just giving lip service to obvious problems, she identified the underlying brokenness that truly moved the company forward. She’s clearly dedicated to producing results and telling it like it is!”

-Robert MacNaughton, Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Integral Center, Boulder, Co

I have been working with Erin for over a year now. I have learned so much about myself through my time with her. Erin’s ability to connect fully, to show up and listen, offering valuable feedback makes her an amazing coach. She is highly educated, intuitively wise and very sweet and kind. I am deeply grateful to have the opportunity to work with her and my hope is that we continue our work together for a long time.
— Nicole Elkind, CEO of STO Responsible

“Erin has a remarkable capacity to greet the present moment while gently encouraging her students to go deeper into their practice. She informs, nurtures, and guides without leading. In doing so, she creates respectful space wherein each student can enjoy discovering his/her own practice and letting it unfold as it will. She is masterful at providing anatomical cues that make a world of difference and is always tuned in to both individual and class needs. Using her multidisciplinary education and experience to inform her teaching, Erin exudes strength, humor, openness, humility and power with equal parts grace and spontaneity. I am fortunate to participate in her classes.”
- Julie Emmerman, Psy.D. Psychotherapist Specializing in Athletes

Erin has a special way of seeing the underlying basis for your challenges and tailoring solutions to help you quickly and easily. She meets you exactly where you are at emotionally and intellectually on any given day. Her vast toolbox of knowledge, intuition, and authentic communication skills make her a trusted and extremely adaptable coach. I’m very grateful for her gifts and have already seen a difference in my life during the few short weeks we’ve been working together.”
— Emily Stoltz, Web Designer

"Discovering what is real in my body that wants to be expressed and potentially healed. You help me figure out what in the moment I'm experiencing. 2. Your own experience and teachings totally resonate with me and are relevant. Helps me connect to what I experience. 3. You create a container that allows me to experience myself with trust, support, understanding and ease. We flow through sessions with ease. 4. I'm getting my needs met by how you show up for me. 5. You smile, feel light and allow room for play even with the intensity. 6. You get right to what is true and up for me, no bullshit! Ok that is more than 3! "

- Brian Tsuchiya, The Start Up Guru

The loudest quality in Erin is her generosity. This will show up in all she offers. She is generous with her knowledge, which incredibly rich, her intelligence, which is high, and her kindness, which is boundless.

— Lorena Palazzo, Business Owner

"Wow, what a session! I've been replaying our conversation and have a better description of that powerful being I described. It was me realizing I'm not who I've thought I was this whole life. I'm not just contained in this body and I'm not who anyone told me I am.

Today I'm feeling a nice sense of ease. Also feeling excited to get to know you better and break out of my shell a bit. I think that sense of order and control & my entire belief system was shattered In that one instance of recognition.I'm no longer value control at all but still have trouble imagining completely losing it:)

“I came out of my coaching with Erin in my strength and power. I felt validated with what I was feeling. Erin held space for me to see that the things I was experiencing in my life were ok. Instead of wondering if what I was feeling was “crazy”, my sense of self worth was reignited and I was finally able to listen to my own intuition and take action steps that were necessary in my life. As a teacher, I have also been able to set the same example for others to feel empowered.”
— Amy Broughton

During our session I felt cared for and held in a very protected space, my body completely relaxed which is really unusual for me and I think I went into an Alpha state toward the end while our eyes were closed. I felt heard and glad to say aloud what my stumbling blocks are. I felt trust. Upon leaving I felt clear and upbeat and inspired to give myself freedom, not chastise the person I am but be gentle and loving even while I'm not quite there yet."
- Lauren Taylor

Erin held space for me to feel safe enough to welcome all parts of myself. I felt like all of my little corners and crevices inside me that had been denied for so long, got ignited, lit up and exposed. I was able to see myself fully and then address the things that had been tucked away for so long. And there was no going back to not facing and dealing with the things I needed to change in my life.”
— Libby Broughton

“Because Erin is an approachable person, is honest and "gets to the point," we naturally were drawn toward including her in the discussions of how to create our first teacher training manual. Erin saw that in order to prevent culture conflicts in the sensitive world of yoga, it would be important to welcome different people and styles of yoga in the community. It was her recommendation to include the expertise of a variety of people in our community in our trainings to ignite engagement and investment from our top teachers. Erin saw that by including more of the teachers' talents into the training, more teaching staff and students would feel valued. Our teacher training staff felt like a part of the "family" and wanted to stay on board. Because of Erin's directorship and because of her talent for drawing in individuals, connecting with them and mentoring them, many of her students continued on to become teachers through our training, and are still succeeding as yoga teachers today."

- Nicole & Gerry Wienholt Co-Founders / Owners of Yoga Pod Franchises