Weekly Classes


Yoga Reconstructed

Tuesdays & Thursdays  9am - 10:30am

The Integral Center, Boulder, CO

Food for the curious and tenacious. Your brain and body will both be fed!

This class is for any level of practitioner. You will get individual attention and be exposed to the depth of yoga in all of its limbs including asana, meditation and yoga philosophy comparisons (with an expertise in traditional goddess-based tantric puja practices). Traditional and Nontraditional viewpoints are represented... all points of view welcome. 

Free for The Integral Center members
$15 for non-members

Yoga Undone  

Wednesdays  6:00pm - 7:15pm 

The Integral Center, Boulder, CO

Once upon a time, when societal conditions were beyond grueling, yogis discovered a way to purify and align themselves as a way to transcend the debilitating human experience. We live in different times now... here in Yoga Undone we will harness movement techniques that allow us to feel our quirky humanity, instead of fix our flaws. Excavate your rawness by liberating your yoga poses so that your unmasked self can be shared with others. This is the source of seeing and being seen… The path to experiencing the divine through other human beings. Take off your shoes, loosen your belt and come undone as you access a powerful improvisational flow state that will get you out of your own way; your work is simply to indulge. Class is practiced in a circle and to improv fun beats.

Free for Integral Center members or $15 drop-in.

Yoga has become too much about perfection.

Perfection of technique, perfection of body, perfection of soul. And all this striving for perfection, by such imperfect beings, creates tremendous imbalance and psychological shadow. Yoga has become about an attempt to transcend the mess and the muck of the human condition, but for most of us that’s not only impossible, it’s downright unhealthy. 

In my weekly classes we strive for immanence, by way of the body and a welcoming of the self that includes our flaws. We undo ideas of perfection and find instead more potential for vibrancy, self-expression, intimacy, and empowerment through movement and somatic experience. I weave the complex and beautiful philosophy of Tantra through somatic expression and sensation, rather than talk or ideas. 

People leave my classes grounded and present, fully in the world and their own lives, relationships, and bodies. This yoga is about having your feet on the earth, and not about transcending it into some idea of perfection (perfect body, perfect form, perfect relationship, perfect children, perfect life). 

In my classes you’ll learn to be with yourself in all your dignity, humility, and imperfection and, in so doing, learn how to be fully with others. Because yoga never ends.