What the Heck is this Yoga Union thing?

For the last few months I've been giddily holding back speaking publicly about what's developing in the yoga world through the Integral Center. There will be more announcements and development coming soon, but right now, I just can't help writing about what's been brewing.

WE are in process with rolling out a revolutionary community and program that is much more than a yoga studio... one that I realize I've been dreaming about for years. WE are the Integral Center Yoga Union. A union of highly qualified and passionate teachers who are committed to teaching yoga and other practices that actually change your life; on and off the mat. Not just for self development, but perhaps more importantly, for relationship development. For the WE space, not just for "I or you" space. WE are our own entrepreneurs working as a team to boost each other. WE are a team that is creating programs and businesses that could never be born if not for our mix of talents and ingredients. WE plan to hold each other to the highest integrity. This includes embracing authentic relating communication skills that dissolve posture/collapse power struggles between all of us, including our students. We are not working for someone else. We are working for ourselves and our students because we are passionate about the quality of what we deliver and the care we have for our community. We want to see the yoga industry be healthy and sustainable for the teachers who have committed to it for their lively hoods. We want more than physical health for our students- we embrace spiritual, emotional, financial and relational health as well. We will be doing our best to keep evolution of our industry and each other going, calling each other on our blind spots, speaking up... keeping the conversations going. And lastly, doing our best to represent what it looks like to be leaders that demonstrate both dignity and humility.