Finding Self by your self

Alright, the salty side is coming out today. Beware of post!

When I actually commit to something, it's usually been after a long time of waffling, indecision, skepticism and observing. And then once I'm in, I'm in. Which means for me, that there's no more messing around or picking the easy road. This also goes for the quest to "love self", find self... land in self... land in the divine. Whatever you wanna call it. And what I've personally found is that the most potent path is the one that challenges me the most. Not necessarily the one that takes away all the distractions. For me, this means finding Me in the context of others. Not by myself. It drives me nutty that the most popular spiritual philosophies I run into forget that this is possible. That love of Self can happen through reflection with others, triggers by others, ingredients from others... and conflict can bring us to intimacy with self and also intimacy with other. Healthy attachment instead of complete non-attachment. Finding self all by self is just too easy, maybe not even that effective, if you ask me ;)