Life Sucks and Then You Die.

Sitting with the sober realization tonight of how abhorrently irresponsible it is of us to teach our children that "life sucks and then you die". And that I used to buy into this nonsense.

My definition of suck is not hardship or grief or loss, etc. It's that nauseous feeling that there is no point to living. That we are merely robots here, without passion or vibrancy, putting one foot in front of the other for no reason at all.  For me, the ultimate suck is one of flat-line zombie death. Not being able to feel. Not having passion. Not having love, desire, soul yearning, community, challenge, family, color, breath, taste, smell. A life without Technicolor. Where we only behave as we should and don't live from what we yearn for. Being American Beauty cal-de-sac safe. Not being allowed to have fire and large, intimate, raw emotion. Juice. I need juice and I need to be surrounded by people who need juice. Who thrive off of artistic expression, bettering our world and loving eachother. I will settle for nothing less. In a nutshell, I'm talking about the growing Western plague that is societal depression. 

The part I'm not ok with is teaching our kids to blindly accept the "suck". Or to even teach them that living a suck life is a responsible life. Teaching our children to accept the American Beauty way of being is a disaster waiting to happen for us all. Why would our kids even want to live or create or improve our world? What happened to our responsibility to teach our kids to care: to love living and love humanity and life? 

Most of my life has "sucked". No need to hammer that one home. AND then, I found out there's so much more. There is no going back for me. No way, no how.