Ruthless, relentless unconditional love... This is the taste on my palate on this Christmas Eve. Maybe this post sounds morbid. To me, there's nothing sweeter. There's nothing more courageous. There's nothing more powerful. This kind of love is the feminine in her element. I find it funny that we think unconditional love is always gooey, light, "high vibes" and cheer. It's unconditional... it doesn't hold back just because there's a chance we might get burned.

I swam in the ocean today. It was 88 degrees outside here in Florida. I'm hearing talk about sea level rising in Miami and people trying to pump the water back out to the ocean. I'm ruminating on how Christmas tradition is focused mostly on Jesus instead of the woman who did the work on this day. The woman who probably ruthlessly told everyone to get the hell out of the way so she could give birth to this important Man. And I'm wondering: Are we starting to listen to Her voice? Or are we still discrediting her? And is she going to love us anyway and just melt us along with our shadows?

I thought about apologizing for the non-cheeriness of this post on Christmas Eve... And then thought again. I'm not apologizing for being willing to love and care this deeply in the world. I am a mother. It's what I do.