Yoga is Cliquey

This morning I lectured to undergrads at the University of Colorado Sociology department on the main themes within the History of Yoga and how they have influenced western pop yoga practice and culture. I not only love and thrive being in this sort of a teacher role (I miss it quite a lot, actually), but, my favorite part was getting to use some authentic relating tools to start a real live conversation with the students about their impression of "yoga" today.

Among the normal "exercise, relaxation, blah, blah, blah" perceptions, I also got a lot of "judgmental, elitist, cliquey, intimidating, and boring". I. love. raw. honesty. And I feel honored that I got to show up and receive the bravery it took for the students to risk insulting me and therefore engage in a open, honest and educated conversation about this subject that I'm so passionate about. The how and why pop yoga is this way today; why particular philosophies and lineages actually promote "judgmental, elitist, cliquey and boring" and are pretty much meant to do so in order to attain their goals. And then my very favorite part: that that there are also alternative voices in the history of yoga that have been drowned... ones that I happen to adore (and admit I have bias towards) and have observed being much healthier and realistic for our every day lives.

But most of all, I am a pig in shit today because I'm just so ecstatic that these conversations are happening. That we are listening to each other. That people are interested. And that people seem to care.