Irish Yearning Blood

14 years ago my little bro took his own life and a few weeks later my family went to Ireland to attempt some bonding/grieving time. My life has been divided into two sections- before the spring of 2002 and after. Going to Ireland that May was like going through a portal. My perspective on life ,and what really matters, was never the same again. Human to human connection, cultivating generosity and compassion for us all to get to be our full selves, and living a life with purpose was no longer an option.

I grew up around Irish culture. There were shadows for sure. But what I remember was the sense of soul that came through in my grandfathers songs, the feeling of family getting each others backs, and the story of my courageous and fiery great grandmother coming to the US all on her own at 16 yrs old. I come from lines of strong, intelligent and powerful women who never had a full chance to make their way in this world. They had a wild side. I am them. I am not them.

This Sunday I'm co-facilitating a Celtic holiday ceremony, called Beltaine. I intend to channel this wild, fiery, gutsy, creative, Irish yearning energy through my blood. I'd love to have tribe there to soak it in, and break through from winter to summer with me. Breaking through, from adversity to ecstasy, is my favorite game. The yearn to serve this offering up for you all to savor is literally something I cannot ignore.