Stuck on Responsibility

My favorite definition of a demon is "anything that is stuck, AKA; cannot evolve or move." Animals that don't evolve won't survive for very long. This demon theory not only applies to mother nature, but includes beliefs that have become set-in-stone.

This is where I'm seeing stuck-ness around me: Does being a Responsible Adult have to mean that we sacrifice our offering to the greater world in service of providing only for ourselves and our inner circle/family? Or that we sacrifice quality of life for our family and ourselves in order to serve the greater good? Why can't we have both? I not only want both but am starting think I have a responsibility to have both. And have shifted to wondering if being a mature, responsible adult means that we have responsibility, serious responsibility, to the greater good (through offering our highest gifts) AND to providing quality of life to our families and ourselves.

I was raised by parents who impressed on me that if I say that I'm going to do something, I do it. This was not a value that I rebelled against. I am grateful that I have a mother that made sure that I turned in papers on time, showed up at scheduled obligations and remembered payments that were due. Even as I've been learning to honor self, integrity (following-through, showing-up) is something that I still have as one of my values and don't intend on ditching.

It's been interesting to watch our culture learn self care and unwire codependency models... but forget to honor other. And then even more interesting to watch as my generation became parents and took on responsibility for their kids but forgot each other and also greater society. I'm aching today thinking about how important it is to me that we evolve to the place where we can honor ourselves, our closest ones AND the greater responsibility that we have to offer our unique gifts to the evolution of our world. In fact, I think that if we don't find ways to support each other to do all 3, we are doomed as a society, if it's not already too late. I personally don't think it's too late. But I do wonder if we have finally reached the tipping point for transformation to finally occur.