Yoga for Business Leadership

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  • Wouldn’t you love to have a team that is smart, grounded and on-top of everything without having to freak out every day to get it all done?

  • Did you know that the reason yoga is so useful is because it re-wires neurological patterns so that you can access pre-frontal cortex (clarity, decision making, executive function) much more easily?

  • Did you know “certainty thinking” limits innovation and problem solving; but, yoga teaches curiosity and awareness: the two foundational steps for up-leveling every day business settings and relationships?

  • Are you interested in bringing in some accessible yoga to your event that is not too ”woo-woo” and not too boring?

  • Would you like to experience being taught by a woman with 20 years of experience working with large groups who used to be an engineer and part of corporate culture herself?

I currently offer yoga and meditation for Leadership Trainings, Corporate Settings, Festivals and Conferences.

Yoga happens in every moment, every breath, every meeting and every relationship when we let it under our skin! It is quite literally about learning to regulate your nervous system in order to be able to connect with others from our best selves and savor life beyond the average capacity of human ability.

Erin is a public figure in the national yoga industry and has taught at several large events including the Arise Music Festival, the Hanuman Festival, Sonic Bloom, Sister Winds, Yoga Rocks the Butte and the Relational Leadership Summit. She is also a public speaker and has spoken at business professional development gatherings, the Relational Leadership Summit and The University of Colorado. She has written for Elevation Outdoors Magazine, Elephant Journal and Shakti Journal. She founded and directed the yoga program at the Integral Center where she established a community of teachers working together to bring healthy and empowering relational dynamics to the yoga industry. Erin is the author of the Yoga Pod Hatha teacher training and consults on curriculum and pedagogy for other regional teacher trainings. She was featured in the June 2014 Yoga Journal Issue and has filmed video courses for Yoga Journal.  

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“As a Program Curator for the Arise Music Festival, I reached out to Erin to contribute an interpersonal, movement-based offering for 2017 and 2019. The Arise Festival is a music and yoga festival committed to producing an annual gathering that is a vehicle for building and strengthening community and draws in about 8,000 attendees. Her presence as a public figure and leader in the national yoga and authentic relating community exudes integrity, intelligence, and a rare balance of humility and dignity that all have the beneficial impact as setting an example for her student’s lives. She teaches that Emotional Intelligence, the main contributing factor for creating healthy communities of efficacious leadership, comes from authentic communication skills and nervous-system regulation through the body. In 2017 she lead 150 people in our main yoga tent through a powerful experience of how to authentically connect with one another while honoring boundaries and regulating one’s own nervous system. She will be leading two more offerings in 2019, as well. I fully trust Erin in her ability to teach authentic leadership to large groups of people.”
— Shakti Redding PhD, Arise Festival Program Curator

Yoga has become too much about perfection.

Perfection of technique, perfection of body, perfection of soul. And all this striving for perfection, by such imperfect beings, creates tremendous imbalance and psychological shadow. Yoga has become about an attempt to transcend the mess and the muck of the human condition, but for most of us that’s not only impossible, it’s downright unhealthy. 

In my weekly classes we strive for immanence, by way of the body and a welcoming of the self that includes our flaws. We undo ideas of perfection and find instead more potential for vibrancy, self-expression, intimacy, and empowerment through movement and somatic experience. I weave the complex and beautiful philosophy of Tantra through somatic expression and sensation, rather than talk or ideas. 

People leave my classes grounded and present, fully in the world and their own lives, relationships, and bodies. This yoga is about having your feet on the earth, and not about transcending it into some idea of perfection (perfect body, perfect form, perfect relationship, perfect children, perfect life). 

In my classes you’ll learn to be with yourself in all your dignity, humility, and imperfection and, in so doing, learn how to be fully with others. Because yoga never ends.