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Arise Festival 2019

Booster Blake and I are thrilled to be teaching at the Arise Festival for 2019! See below for a sneak preview of our events.


THE DIFFERENCE MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE: A Dance of Polarity, with Booster and Erin in the Yoga Tent:

Oneness isn’t everything! Did you know that compassion means allowing others to have their own differences? This stranger friendly experience with Booster Blake and Erin Keeley will prepare you to make the most of your festival weekend by understanding how to embrace the dance of opposites in relationships. Here we will explore the valuable polarities of: Unconditional Love and Conditional Love, Expression and Listening, Compassion and Boundaries, and Honoring Self and Other. 90 minutes of guided authentic relating and ecstatic dance in service of building your capacity to savor and grow from relationships. 

with Erin Keeley in the Yoga Tent:

Has the festival scene got you jittery, all-over-the-place and craving a friggin’ break? Wouldn’t you love some time being rocked in the lap of the mythical grandmother right now? 

Join Erin Keeley for a soothing yet exhilarating blended movement class that is built to turn up your parasympathetic nervous system while turning down your sympathetic nervous (fight/flight/freeze) system. As a survivor of Lyme disease and other trauma, and a long-time teacher of yoga, Erin has learned the secrets to nervous system soothing the hard way: Yoga, meditation and dance can inadvertently put us into more fight/flight/freeze. Instead, this class will incorporate rocking movements and curling spirals of the body that feel like being wrapped in the mythical grandmother’s warm womb of support, comfort and love. Let’s get those jitters out and bring in more capacity to savor your festival!
Class is truly open to all-levels. 

with Booster and Erin:

Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard to translate your spiritual experiences into actual relationships? Curious what the missing piece is to “conscious relating”? Do you wonder how you’re supposed to “love yourself first” and not be a narcissist? Join Erin Keeley and Booster Blake for a conversational circle that will include guided authentic relating practices and discussion about their top 5 tips for people wanting inspiring and secure relationships within spiritual cultures. 

Erin Keeley and Booster Blake are a couple who practice relationship as a growth path. They are Authentic Relating Facilitators and Coaches, Interpersonal Business Consultants, Leadership Trainers, Ecstatic Dancers, Yogis, Engineers, and Parents who strive to savor life in all of its mess and beauty.